David Mamet: Hands Off My Gun

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Tracking - registering

Imagine a criminal suspect utilizes a weapon during the commission of his chosen crime, and he flees the scene with the gun leaving behind wounded/dead.

I toss that situation out there because many U.S. politicians (both sides) have pitched various levels of "registration" to assist law enforcement in solving crimes where guns are used/fired.  The problem with this concept is that you need the "gun".  And in the above listed hypothetical situation (where the suspect fled the scene with the gun) the registration process will not provide any useful information to assist law enforcement in locating the suspect.

Most criminals do NOT obtain their weapons via legal means, and once they have a weapon they will remove the serial # (grind it off).  Again, using the generic "shooting" incident listed above, if the suspect were to leave the gun behind the defaced serial number would prohibit the connection of that specific weapon to the registry (or the person that registered it).


However, there are more sources of information that are currently utilized by law enforcement during the investigation of a crime involving a firearm.   Every firearm produced or imported into the U.S. is "known".

Even when the gun is "unknown" there are certain elements that have been and are regularly utilized by law enforcement in the U.S.   So in situations where they have recovered a projectile (including that of a dead body) current investigatory methods can further assist law enforcement in their investigation.  NOTE:  I am NOT talking about the goofy and misleading things one might find observe in a movie or on TV (like the various CSI television programs).


aus4ever...that PM is still pending...I haven't forgotten.

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