AF speed and accuracy PL5?

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Re: AF speed and accuracy PL5?

I bought the Sony NEX-5R as an upgrade to my NEX-5.

I loved my NEX-5, learned a lot about photo and had fun with legacy lenses. Also bought the Sony SEL50F18 as I mostly shoot portraits. I got very frustrated by the AF speed, it was rather slow with both kit lenses but still ok. With the SEL50F18, shooting indoor was nearly impossible : hunting, hunting, failing, hunting again, failing again... It was such a pain to use that I ended using my manual focus legacy lenses again.

I thought the NEX-5R, with its improved CDAF (coming from NEX-5N) and new PDAF system would give me enough AF speed with my kit lenses (I knew I had to wait for the SEL50F18 PDAF support). In good light condition, I must say it was really better, but in low light, there was still too frequent hunting/failing... The PDAF is disabled in low light and can only work on the center of the image. The SEL50F18 was still very slow. I don't understand why Sony dares to release such a nice sharp lens, with gorgeous bokeh and excellent stabilization with such bad AF speed. But the worst thing about the NEX-5R was probably its touch screen. I got used to super precise smartphone and tablet capacitive touch screens, I couldn't help laughing at the NEX-5R's resistive touch screen. Imagine how frustating it is when you have to touch the screen several times to make the touch focus actually focus where you really want to, and then trying again several times because it failed miserably after 4 seconds of hunting (no joke).

I returned the NEX-5R and got an E-PL5 + Kit lens + 45mm 1.8. I really didn't think I would buy a m4/3 camera one day, mostly because of low light capabilities, but the E-PL5 gives (slightly) better high iso results than my NEX-5, with great small and cheap lenses and blazingly fast and accurate AF : it is always faster than the NEX-5R. Even outdoor with PDAF, the NEX-5R can't beat the near-instant AF. I also like the olympus color treatment (skin tones and white balance are a bit more to my taste, it needs less work when treating raw files) and how precisely you can customize the options and buttons. The touch shutter feature is a must have, it's so fast that it makes the "focus and recompose" look totally obsolete. The Oly 45mm is a lovely lens, I'm now hesitating between the Oly 17mm 1.8, the Pana 20mm 1.7 and the Pana 25mm 1.4.

To be honest, I must say the NEX system has nicer menus (the Olympus OM-D E-M5 has also a nice modern ui, the EPL-5 don't look good I think), has a much better grip (E-PL5 grip is a bit too flat but you can replace it by a bigger one) and better video quality (The E-PL5 IBIS doesn't give good results and the image is not sharp enough, prefer the OM-D if you plan to shoot lots of videos, its 5-AXIS IBIS is stunning, looks like you are shooting with a steadicam!)

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