A true D700 successor: D600 sensor in D800 body ... and fur gods sake, leave the damn video out!!!

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Re: Was there a D700x to match the D3x? No.

Robin Casady wrote:

ranalli wrote:

ScottRH wrote:

The d400 DX and sister d750 fx will be released in 2013.

I don't know if they will be called that but I agree that this will be the case. They have to come out with new cameras so they'll fill these slightly minor gaps in the lineup IMO.

There definitely is space for a D300s replacement and D700 replacement in the current lineup. These are easy gaps for them to fill because they'll leverage existing components and tweak them to make them better rather than bringing in all new components such as entirely new sensors for the D600/D800. I can easily see either a 16 or 24 MP D700 type successor that approaches the ISO sensitivity, AF speed/accuracy, and frame-rate somewhere around the D3s or D4 level.

It will come because it makes sense(not because I'm asking for it) and we just need to be patient.

Look at the history. Nikon did not come out with a D700x nor a D700s. The D3x came out shortly after the D700 and was the only camera that had it right for landscape and studio photographers. Nikon didn't produce a 24 MP version of the D700 to satisfy those who didn't want to pay for the D3x. The D700 life-cycle was done by the time the D800 came out.

Nikon brought out a D3s after the D700 had been out a year. The speculation is that they had to differentiate the D3 series from the D700 because the D700 was eating into their high-end (high profit) line. This round, they were very careful to have the D4 be a completely different animal than the D800. It is highly unlikely they will threaten the D4 line with a D4-like D750.

You'll never see a D700'ish response to the X series; just is no reason for that from a marketing standpoint.

On the other hand I think you will see a D700-like replacement before the end of 2nd quarter 2014.  Whether it retains the same name lineage remains to be seen but I do believe the camera will functionally be in the same vein as the D3s/D4 albeit with minimum 16 MP and obviously without the built-in vertical grip.  Surely they do not want to cannibalize their D4 sales but they still need to bring something to the table in FX.

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