Not A Fan of Viewfinders. Am I crazy?

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Re: I respectfully disagree

Mark B. wrote:

I was not at all saying that using the LCD is better, never said that.

And if you've always only used glasses, you argue that using glasses isn't an obstacle to using a viewfinder. I wear glasses and also use contact lenses. Whenever I'm going to use an SLR camera, I use contact lenses. The difference is that significant. You don't know what you're missing if you've never had the chance to use a viewfinder as it was meant to be designed.

Well, you made it sound like it's an absolute that you can't wear glasses and see clearly through an optical VF. You're mistaken.

Where are you reading that?  I did not state that at all, you are insinuating or skimming over what I wrote.  It is a hell of a lot easier to use an SLR optical viewfinder without glasses.  I've used SLRs with and without glasses and without glasses is by far my choice of usage.

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