rain with a D7i...?

Started May 8, 2003 | Discussions thread
Jim Venner Regular Member • Posts: 444
Re: rain with a D7i...?

John Gasal wrote:
If I am going for a walk with my camera and there is a chance of
rain, I throw a gallon sized plastic bag in my pocket. Not real
high tech, but it works as an emergency camera bag, or as a shield
to let you take an shot.

John G

drsprite wrote:

How does anyone take pictures in the rain without worrying about
damaging your D7i? Is there a kit out there that I missed, or is
it just not wise to try that kind of thing?


I'm with John, I throw a lagre plastic zip lock bag in my back pocket in case of rain. Did that today in fact, luckily it didn't rain.

Jim Venner
See what I am saying?

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