X100s - 28mm Wide Angle. Will you bother?

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Re: X100s - 28mm Wide Angle. Will you bother?

I pre-ordered the X100s, the X100s leather case, and I also ordered the 28mm adapter too.  The reason I ordered the adapter is that for $350, I can expand the usefulness of the X100s as a replacement for an entire DSLR kit with one little accessory that I can throw in a bag.   I plan to regularly go on triips or out for the day and just take the X100s, to replace a flexible DSLR with a zoom or a bag full of lenses.  If I go on a trip, I will sometimes want to capture a wider field of view and perspective.  If I am going to travel with just the X100s, why not spend an extra $350 for a whole other lens super high quality lens.

It is like getting two X100s's, one with a 35mm field of view and another with a 28mm field of view.  Or put another way, if you bought a Nikon D600 and just a 35mm prime lens, why would you buy a 28mm prime lens too?  The same reason you would buy the adapter for the X100s.

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