***Mini-Challenge #375 Warm Up With Red!***

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***Mini-Challenge #375 Warm Up With Red!***

Thank you Stephen for a fun MC with "Cold". I liked ragmanjin's idea of warming us up after the last mini so have chosen "Warm Up With Red!" as I'm going into another deep freeze here!!

Red can be the main color or could be the splash of color that POPS in the picture! Red is also a heartwarming color and could get us geared up for Valentine's Day in a couple of weeks Use your imagination..does it warm us up as in a tasty red dish..warm our heart..make us happy and warm all over by reminding us of ideal summer days....I look forward to seeing your take on the topic!

There are some examples of what I am looking for in the next post.

You may use any post processing you like to enhance your pictures. If you're familiar with extracting exif-data, let us know camera model, shutter-speeds, f-stops and ISO-numbers: others may be able learn from that!

The challenge begins now, and will end on Monday February 4, 2013, at 6:00pm MST.


The host gives you a topic of interest and you get going.

You may enter up to three competition images.

The host chooses the winner after the challenge closes (usually after one week). The decision of the judge (the host) is final. The judge is not eligible. The winner then chooses the next topic, runs the challenge, judges the winner, and passes on the baton to that person.

If you submit a photo, please check in when the winners are posted. The first place winner is expected to host the next challenge. If the first place person cannot host, it moves to the 2nd place, etc.

Any picture you've taken is eligible regardless of time taken and camera.

Please reply to the FIRST (ORIGINAL) post if you are submitting an entry and please remember to change the Subject of your post to display your name or picture titles. This way, when someone comments (i.e. replies), it will refer specifically to you. If all entries read "Re: Mini Challenge #375"... it would be very boring to scan the list.

Try to put your entries within a 'single' post.

Please give a title to each photo - this makes it easier to differentiate when giving comments.

Feel free to comment on other contestants' images. If you want someone to leave you a piece of constructive criticism, put an asterisk * next to the title of the image.


Please embed your image in the thread. As a show of courtesy, and to save bandwidth, please remove the original post when replying, so you don't bring back any previous photos.

List of previous CTF Mini Challenge topics and winners thanks to blademeister: http://homepages.peakpeak.com/~blade/minichallenge.html

Main rule and general guideline: Have fun!!


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