Just an informal survey of Sigma DP users:

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Re: Just an informal survey of Sigma DP users:

SandyF wrote:

Marek L wrote:

how to recover shutter release counter on SD's and DP Merrill's?

You cannot tell, if a camera has been reset to zero.

But I've bought my cameras cited as new, I've never reset the # on the DP cameras, so those #s are accurate as to number of shutter clicks (not necessarily saved photos!). The old SD14 camera numbering system 'rolled' over at 9,999... and I recall I rolled over the number at least once. But I have had several different actual SD14 cameras (that's a separate story). I think the SD10 # system rolled over at 99,000 but I'm not sure. Some users (Georges Noblet comes to mind) 'rolled over' the SD9/10 number perhaps several times!

Another note, if you use a CD or SDHC card from one camera to another, you can mess up your numbering system. For example, I reset Rick Decker's loaner SD1 to zero, reformatted the card etc. But then when I put in a second CD card of my own, from the SD14, the SD1 picked up that number. 5000 something. It's possible to reset the number to that which you wish, but I find I need to do it with a computer, and I was out in the field, literally. Worse on the SD1, the time/date stamp was off, so my photos show as 1/1/2011 at totally 'off' times. Puts them in wrong order in the flickr Death Valley set, as I usually try to keep my date/time accurate, but I missed it on the SD1.

Long answer for, "You can't." LOL

Best regards, Sandy

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Thanks for the info, Sandy.

Too bad there aren't more Sigma-shooters out there or some clever person would come up with a shutter count utility, like the Canon astrojargon.

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