Need advice on my new Dell 2713HM

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Re: Need advice on my new Dell 2713HM

skutters wrote:

I have recently bought a Dell 2713HM

select SRGB the old machine looks the same as Standard but on the new machine the picture goes dark and less contrasty.

caveat: I am still relatively a noob when it comes to monitors.

But the Dell U2713HM was kind of my "ideal target" when I was recently shopping for a monitor - so congrats on a great monitor.

The Dell U2713HM uses AH-IPS which is the latest IPS technology from LG - which is one of major technologies for the new smartphone with stunning very high pixel density screens - and LG claims AH-IPS been certified by Intertek as having accurate colors (this was really important to me) and the Dell has a close to 100% sRGB preset.

Of course my purchase was a much cheaper monitor but it used AH-IPS and with 100% sRGB on a factory calibrated preset (ViewSonic VX2270Smh-LED - for details and my reasoning, please see Monitor for Photo Processing)

Although many will say that for accurate work calibration is a necessity and monitors will drift/change with age - so re-calibration is also necessary -

BUT the Dell U2713HM is apparently very well adjusted on its factory calibrated sRGB preset - as in the many review out there - eg:

Dell U2713HM - sRGB preset Tested

So it looks like the Dell U2713HM can be used on the sRGB preset for sRGB working -

of course one can possibly get even more accurate using a calibrator - but any gains probably is well within experimental error, as this is so dependent on the calibration tool and the person doing the calibration

My cheapo monitor looked great/attractive straight out of the box on its default setting - but as soon as I set it on the sRGB preset - the screen immediately was dimmer from the factory default setting of "Native" and did not look as contrasty/bright - and to be honest not as immediately appealing.

BUT I knew that was supposed to be 100% sRGB and therefore ought to be more accurate for any photo processing in sRGB space -

So it was the default "Native" setting that was overly bright and contrasty.

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