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Re: Conversions for CC

Thanks for the comments. As I look at these more I increasingly dislike how I handled the 2nd photo, way overdone with the toning. I think I'm partial to warm tones but that one is not pleasing to me in retrospect. I might revisit. jrk, the raw files were imported to LR4. I made a few small adjustments to the color files (basic exposure, contrast, black level, highlights, etc.). I did the raw conversion in Topaz Labs Black and White Effects, which I'm just kind of learning. I think the 2nd conversion was based on one of their presets which are often too strong. The others were done as basic conversions using the available tools. The toning was done using the silver and paper effects tab. Seems a powerful program. I have no idea how it compares with the popular program from Nik. I started with their deNoise program (very good though I rarely need for anything anymore), tried Adjust, which can be interesting but you can easily go over the edge and into the clownish. And I like their Detail program too, again if used judiciously.

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