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Re: Quick update

nixda wrote:

vkphoto wrote:

Thank you all for your support and recommendations.

My idea is to keep this knowledge base as simple as possible.

There are three buckets there:

1. Fuji X OfficialHome (links to manuals, firmware updates, etc)

2. Professional galleries, for inspiration

3. Quick tutorials with links to software home pages

Fuji X Knowledge base

I hope it will help newbies to find some answers quicker.


I like your idea about WIKI and will follow up with you to discuss details.

All the best,


Here is a somewhat heretic suggestion: Fuji X Forum allows stickies, in fact they already have a lot of stickies about aspects you have in mind, it is (IMHO) a much friendlier place, has good moderation, and has good contributors who generally know what they are talking about.

The downside is that it's not frequented so much, so it can take a while before a topic gets resolved.

In any case, the quickest way forward would probably be to work with them.

Thanks, but no.

The content of the FXKB site is mostly based on this forum members contributions to this forum.  So be it.

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