Defishing and Refishing with the Samyang 7.5/3.5 and the Panasonic 7-14/4

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I've tried it a bit, but it's not my cup of tea (IMAGES)

As you may know by now I am an avid fisheye user.

But I was intrigued by this and another thread about the possibilities of de-fishing.

So of course I needed to try that out.

I downloaded the LR4 Rokinon de-fishing lens profiles that were posted in a previous thread, and I went to work on a number of fisheye images from this afternoon's walk.

There was ONE single image on which I felt that the rectilinear projection made sense (although I also liked the more "embracing" look of the original fisheye image). That was this one:



Do you notice how the defishing makes the brook look more long and going into the distance?

That was my general impression of the de-fishing experiment : for most of the images I tried it on, it created more distance and negated the sense of embracing intimacy that I attempt to bring to fisheye shots.

I did NOT like the defished look on this one.

Here's the original fisheye that I liked:

And here's the defished version that feels cold and distant to me:

Another example in which I felt the de-fishing went wrong.

The original fisheye shot is a good representation of reality : a huge carved stone vase in a classic park, surrounded by some green shrubbery:

Rectilinear defishing makes the vase look much smaller than it is, while the surrounding hedge gets blown out of proportion: it looks like a birthday cake with a small single candle:

Maybe here is the thing : if I point my fisheye at a central subject, that subject gets emphasized nicely because it fills the center, looking fairly natural, with an embracing background surrounding it. De-fishing negates that, and does not only affect the edges, but it reduces the center.

One last example : a view of a great building in the distance, with the rigid forms of a classic garden to the side of it (in front of my lens):

Now one would expect that de-fishing would look good on this, because it would correct the rigid straight lines of the cassette-shaped edges back to their straight character.

Well, I don't feel it does (and I'm not even mentioning that the human figures gets pushed out of the left edge in a horribly bloated shape). If anything, the de-fishing just creates more distance here, and it turns a nice curvy leading line into a sterile highway.

The thing is : every viewer KNOWS that those lines of the hedges are straight, without needing that explicit visual information. So the de-fishing adds nothing, because it adds information (straightness) that our brain doesn't need because our brain knows it already even if the eyes don't see it.

But judge for yourself:

No, really, I don't think I will be de-fishing a whole lot...

PS Those lens profiles are described here:

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