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Re: Anti-shock delay solution?

Jolly Oly wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Jolly Oly wrote:

Anders W wrote:

In my testing, I have found some signs of different behavior even at the same FL. The most clear-cut example is the 45/1.8 versus the 14-45 at the long end and the 40-150 at the short end. I have no trouble with the 45/1.8 (although some other people have reported issues with this lens as well) but both the 14-45 and the 40-150 are affected when used at the same FL as the 45. On the 14-45, I can get rid of most/all of the problem by using OIS rather than IBIS (the OIS on this particular lens, not others, appears to be able to counteract the shock, whereas IBIS can't) but with the 40-150 no such solution is available.

Very, very interesting. In my case the Panasonic 14-45mm lens is totally free of this issue and maybe my sharpest lens in any condition.

Is that so even if you use IBIS (or no stabilization rather than OIS)?

Yes, my IBIS (IS1) is always ON (except on tripod, and that is rare).

On the other hand, all the results that I had from 40-150 were so bad that I had to sell it (it wasn't defective - it was perfectly ok on my GF2!) and bought the Panasonic 45-175mm, which turned out to be better than expected - equally without any issues - with firmware 1.0. There is a fw 1.1 out but after seeing THIS POST I will stay on fw1.0.

Glad you found a solution after all. The shutter-shock problem is very difficult to pin down because it is complicated in so many ways: First, there is a chance element involved. The phenomenon is not perfectly repeatable from shot to shot. Second, different lenses behave differently. Third, we cannot rule out variations from one copy of the camera to another, from one copy of the lens to another, and above all from one photographer to another. Finally, testing methods as well as standards of sharpness might vary from one person to the next.

Agree but we should see some general trends - and there isn't any imo.

Well one clear trend is that we have more of a problem with longer FLs than with shorter, which is an expected one but anyway.

Any brand/body/lens combination could be affected, or on the other hand these same combinations could be totally free of this issue. Like with my and your OMD+14-45.

As I said earlier, before I bought a Panny 45-175 I read a post from a guy who tried three copy of that same lens before he found an issue-free one. And he is not alone, so how is that possible ? I mean there is no way that all that lenses were bad. In that case all those reports came from a Panasonic body users, so I bit the bullet and order one.

The 45-175 may be a special case in that its OIS misbehaves, at least on certain copies. I still have no reason to think that IBIS misbehaves in the same manner. The problem, as far as I can tell, is that IBIS may have difficulties counteracting the shock, not that it causes the problem in the first place or seriously exacerbates it.

So in my case I had an issue with Olympus lens on Olympus body, which was flawless mounted on Panasonic body, and I bought a Panasonic lens, notoriously bad with Panasonic bodies, which turned out to work great on my Olympus body. Are you kidding me ?

Never thought the idea of using Oly with Oly and Pany with Pany was much of a solution to anything.

Now I'm glad I have all my combos issue-free, but there is no guarantee that one day I won't have a problem with 12-35 f2.8, 75 f1.8.. etc, and that suck$.

When I now say I see problems with this or that lens on the E-M5, I mean that I have difficulties, after careful inspection, to create tack-sharp (as opposed to passably sharp) shots. But this is after using very demanding (but efficient techniques) to determine tack sharpness once I knew I had a problem. If I hadn't run into the issue spontaneously early on with one particular lens (an adapted Minolta MD 85/2) where the problem was clearly apparent, I might not have bothered to investigate more carefully and might still have thought I was home free.

I am still wondering what I might have found if I had bothered to perform similarly careful investigations with other cameras I have owned prior to the E-M5.

hm.. I was pretty systematic with all of my previous gear, but never saw something as random as that.

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