What in the Panasonic mirrorless line is right for me?

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Re: What in the Panasonic mirrorless line is right for me?

If you want a built-in VF, the GX1 is to be avoided.  I have a G5 and previously had a G1 and G3.  It seems quick enough for me, but you have been using a DSLR and you should try it out to determine if it is quick enough for you.

Consider the reason(s) that you want to move to a mirrorless line of cameras.  I got a mirrorless camera to avoid bulk and weight.  You have been using a DSLR.  What do you not like about the D60 that you feel will be better with a mirrorless camera?

I have never used the GH2 or GH3.  However, people who participate in the forums indicate if video is important to you, buy a GH2 or GH3. If video is not too important than buy a G5 providing if you are staying in the Panasonic line.

While I have stayed in the Panasonic line, users of Olympus OMD and some reviewers feel that it may be the best or one of the best 4/3 camera. It has in body stabilization while Panasonic cameras do not.

If price is important the G5 is substantially less expensive than the GH3 but comparable to the GH2 (as currently discounted). I think the OMD and GH3 are comparably priced but you should check prices at BH Photo or on the internet.

If you are getting a m43 camera, consider lenses.  The 7-14mm is a great for wide angle zoom.  The Olympus 24mm, 45mm and 75mm are also well rated. The 50mm 1.4 is also a well rated lens. I have the 20mm and 45mm and both are very good lenses.  I intend to get the 75mm at some future time.  There are some highly rated Panasonic and Olympus zooms

I recommend that you go to local camera store and handle all the cameras and lenses to determine which feels best to you before making a final decision.

Good luck with your decision.

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