A quick question regarding D600 video

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Re: Only buy lenses with aperture rings

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Hello all. I was wondering could anyone point to me can I get a live histogram or at least some sort of visual metering when in videomode on D600? I know i get the meter when switched to photomode in Live View, but it's a pain to switch back and forth when finding the exposure, at least in situations when it's hard to tell anything from LCD alone.

Also, aperture won't work in video mode. But I think this is a known dilemma. Anyone know if Nikon is fixing this in the future? If I recall correctly, they did promise aperture control in videomode in some adverts or such.

Yes they did, a false advert again I guess - they also lied about full HD HDMI output, it is crippled and never offered a firmware update for that, shame on Nikon. The best way to use your video mode is to go with older AIS lenses or set your aperture before shooting. It is quite easy to meter manually, but you can always hit the still shutter button and quickly look at its histogram before shooting your video.Never use the auto-ISO mode in video, it may screw your shots consistance.

If you need to change the aperture while in live view or video mode, get lenses with aperture rings. That includes older AF lenses (you don't need to go back to MF lenses to do that). Try to get lenses with aperture rings whenever possible.

You dont need it but they are cheaper and have a better feel for video then Af-D lenses.

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