Goggles that accept 55mm filters?

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Re: Goggles that accept 55mm filters?

GarageBoy wrote:

Funny thing, I have an old linof catalog somewhere where a pilot has a Linhof 220 strapped to his chest and is wearing a pair of googles that are Schneider view camera front lens elements (or at least have the name rings from them)

I am looking at that picture now. Doubtful that the guy in the picture is the pilot. He has a Linhof 220 in his left hand and another camera in his lap. And he is surrounded by F86 fighters. He is most likely in the second seat. The goggle lenses are Schneider Symmar 210mm 5.6 lenses.

It is the center spread of the 1973 Linhof Report Catalog.

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