Focal Software for Mac - Is Nikon D800 supported?

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Re: Focal Software for Mac - Is Nikon D800 supported?

ltphoto1 wrote:

I have used the Mac beta software (just two days ago) with a D600 and it worked flawlessly. The D800 is listed as supported, and I cannot see any reason why it would work any differently than the D600.

It does take a little bit of extra time with a Nikon camera since it is not totally automated. You have to change the fine focus adjustment manually each time the software prompts. On the easiest lens this too eight entries. On the hardest one to get locked in (500mm f4 w/1.4x) it took 17 entries. It was quite easy, however.

Thanks!  I guess I was looking on the wrong page of their website. It only said "Canon & Nikon", but glad to know it worked with your D600.

I was wondering if it was worth it to buy a license for windows just to get a beta version for Mac (I have no use for the PC version).  Sounds like it worked well fo you.

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