SH-50. Who's Hoping It's a Good Travel Zoom?

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Re: SH-50. Who's Hoping It's a Good Travel Zoom?

This camera caught my attention as I have been reading a good deal about the OM-D E-M5, and my last camera was the FZ150, sold last year.  The FZ200's 720p 120 fps is holding me back before diving (falling) into the u4/3rds system. ($3000 for full range next to $500 for the FZ at lower image.) quality.

So much less light for the SH-50 f3.0 (W) - f6.9 (T), and 2.8 throughout for the FZ200 but the Oly is so much more pocket-able. I read a couple reviews of the SH-25 and full res was rather disappointing. I will be watching for reviews with keen interest.

Bye the way it is the lively accurate colors that are pulling me away from the Panasonic camp. The E-M5 images are involving and the GH3 images have not impressed me so much so far.

The SH-25 at $300 might well justify its self as a second camera if they improved the image quality and the 720p 120 fps is solid.

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