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Re: Rules vs. insights

The trouble with the absence of rules, is that you cannot teach with it. Cultural relativism might well be the rule in some countries, but photography CAN be criticised, as well as Literature. They are both part of the realm of Semiology, i.e. the science of Signs.

Therefore Barthes took an inteterest. Interpretation is not whatever goes, interpretation has limits. Beauty is not only in the eyes of the beholder. You can judge, condemn or save an image according to a certain set of rules, be they formal, psychological, biographical, historical etc. In Literature I was taught at least a dozen criteria.

And if you think of it, Vlad, without involving you, cultural relativism will always be invoked by the lazy noob or amateur in order to avoid being judged for his/her true skill. Instead he will advertise how expensive his equipment is, how optically unique his lenses are, and take shelter behind that.

Which is the general *consumerist* expectation in forums. Now are some of you implying that photography cannot be taught, or that it is a loss of time? That a camera can do all?

LOL even a drone cannot do that, it needs some input to reach a target, and it is also frightfully imprecise.

How much more so a product that must be reaching the reasons of the heart?Beauty and fairness and the like? You think that a camera can do that by itself? Think again.

Even if you go hunting or fishing you'll take pride in your technique, and leave pride in the equipment to noobs. And what if you are a surgeon, will you take pride in the last brand of your scalpels?

Really if some of you have such a low opinion of photography, why don't you hang on your neck a life-logging device, like a SenseCam and let your camera do all, only doing some clicks in the software to assemble automatically your memories?

Then you will have a guarantee, that you can remember *something* which has not the encumbrance of beauty or harmony. Or the least meaning for others, because your memory is surely not to be so interesting to others, like your doggie or brat.

Which you can festoon with all the virtue of your precious lenses, without any guarantee that others will be take an interest.

Is that how photography is evacuated from forums nowadays? LOL


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