7D2 - not coming soon? - Anyone translate Japanese Canon interview

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That strange vision would send me to Nikon!

KariP wrote:

Canon was in my vision planning a big surprise .

7D was something special - and 8D will be a new concept . Photographers do not want bigger cameras or heavy bags - times are changing. SIZE matters !

8D will be something between Sonys NEX7 and FujiX-E1. A little bigger so that old Canon lenses do not look too big. The optical viewfinder and the mirror box are going to disappear and we are going to get a EVF that looks even better and is really "WYSIWYG" .

lighter weight, faster AF - no more focusing points, just better , superior ultramodern viewfinder and 15fps....quieter and better in lowlight

It is going to be a MODERN camera and a new concept - not just 7DMkii with higher ISO and 9fps, and heavier weight

In next autumn we will see laughs best....

I do want quieter and better in lowlight, 15fps and better AF, but the rest would send me straight to Nikon. If their D400 is better than 7D. I will not laugh.


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