Compact camera with "decent" low light performance

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Re: Compact camera with "decent" low light performance

lenshoarder wrote:

gwlaw99 wrote:

Maybe an Olympus XZ-1, Panasonic LX-5 or Canon S100 with the aperture wide open.

I've owned all 3 of these. Low light performance is critical to me. I do not like flash shots. In the end, none of these made the cut. I have a RX100 now. Here's a little comparison I did when I got the XZ-1. In many ways, you can sub in the RX100 for the NEX.

As to OP's request, the above comparison should also help. My go to travel camera for years has been the TX5. It works well in lowlight because of handheld twilight mode. I would suggest any Sony camera which has that mode, almost all do now. I can post some more shots demonstrating that mode on my old TX5.

Except he said the Rx100 and was way too expensive for him and he wants something pocketable.

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