17-40 L or 24-105L for landscapes

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Re: 17-40 L or 24-105L for landscapes

Maximus68 wrote:

hotdog321 wrote:

Oh sure, f/22 (or f/32 or f/64) is great for maximum depth of field. Stopping down all the way is also handy for creating a longer exposure. Unfortunately, lenses generally start becoming less sharp at the smallest aperture.

That is a great pic. I'm takin my show on the road to Italy in two weeks. I have the 5d mark iii. As far as the lenses go, I have 14mm, 24-70, 85mm 1.2, 50mm 1.2 and a 70-200mm. They are all Canon. I am still unsure as to what to bring. The 14 is in for the Colesseum. Beyond that. I am to sure.

We we in Italy in September for 15 days.  Had 17-40, 24-70 and 50 Zeiss with me.  Used the 50 for some panos, some with the 17-40 (one of my favorite lenses) and the 24-70 stayed on the camera probably 95% of the time.  I have the version I and it was perfect for Italy.  Only complaint is it gets very heavy carrying it around.  I used a Black Rapid strap most of the time which helped with the weight and getting it off my chest and neck.  I still use the 17-40 for a lot of landscapes and panos.  It was my go to lens for about 3 years.  Have fun in Italy, it is a wonderful country.  Best,  Bob

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