Do We REALLY Need The Latest And Greatest???

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Re: Do We REALLY Need The Latest And Greatest???

Depends on what your expectations are and how much you want to spend on your hobby.

I think digital cameras are now much better than film cameras even point and shoots if you are comparing them to film how consumers used them.  The ISO is amazing even going by 2004 standards with the iconic 6MP to hit the market sub $1000 body and the beginning of the masses that started shooting digital.  Depending if you are taking holiday family snaps or sport there are different models that have slower/faster focusing.  A hobbyist doesn't need a D4 necessarily, if a D3000 model is too slow maybe a D5000 is ok or one of the second hand D200 etc .. But if you are that demanding maybe a D4 is in order ......

I do landscapes mostly, on tripod, so the new cameras haven't really been needed.  I still use my D70 on the lowest ISO, tripod, remote etc.  6MP can print up to 13" width.  Money isn't unlimited so I prefer to go to places overseas which is another hobby of mine and I take pictures that way, rather than stay home with a flash camera just to produce my 13" prints for only the few that actually get printed and framed up.

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