What type of screwdriver can deal with Ai-S lenses ??

Started Jan 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
just Tony Senior Member • Posts: 1,707
What's inside depends on the lens model

Amrbeethoven2 wrote:

Can anyone give my a photo for what the mount will look like after removing the screws ??

for AIS lens ??

You'll be needing either photos of that exact model or you end up deciding to disassemble your own. On this picture of a different lens note that the aperture lever assembly is attached to the flange (some different models I took apart were not like that), and that there is a brass adjustment shim that was used to set the infinity focus. You might not be surprised but be prepared for it.

16mm f/3.5 during Ai conversion

The screws are hard to remove because of some really gunky factory thread locker compound that probably has gotten even harder with the passage of time. Be sure you have a correctly sized screwdriver, apply firm pressure to keep it from slipping out and mangling the screw head, and be patient as you twist.

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