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Hi Dock

The purple cage is our own and it is what we keep Magellan in at home. When he first fell out I went to the hardware store and bought a paint pail, drilled holes in the bottom to drain water, filled it with leaves, sticks and a escape stick. I then got a ladder and placed it as high in the tree he fell from as I could but he would not stay in it and instead kept trying to climb to be with mum and dad and then falling with a thud to earth! Magellan's nest is about 4 storeys high and the bark on the trees has shed so it leaves a smooth surface he can't grip onto.

So we bring him down to the beach in his cage, take the top off, place it next to a suitable perching spot and either he climbs out or mum and dad climb in to feed him. They seem very interested in the cage and have explored it from top to bottom. The yellow hammock is just a comfort aid and helps keep him warm.

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