Problem with GXR and A12 M - no image recorded

Started Jan 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Problem with GXR and A12 M - no image recorded

Are the firmware versions of body and camera unit identical? Current version is v1.51. Whether they have to be I don't know, but they certainly ought to be.

Otherwise, it's odd that you can get data captured via the electronic shutter and not with the normal shutter. Hearing the shutter open but not close sounds like the exposure is not being completed and written out to the disk. Does the green 'writing' light flash after you make an exposure?

I'd try re-setting the camera to the defaults, put it on M mode, set a normal exposure and sensitivity for an average scene, and try again. Also, with power off, uncouple and recouple the body and camera unit if it still doesn't record an image. Never know, maybe it's a just a poor connection.

Otherwise, it's either back to the dealer or off to the shop for both camera and mount unit.

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