how to respond when asked "why don't you get a DSLR?"

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Re: how to respond when asked "why don't you get a DSLR?"

kaku wrote:

Also, given the fact that the NEX *is* an ILC, you could also say that NEX users could be lugging around a bag full of gear as well.

*raises hand and jumps up and down*

(I'm usually out-and-about with no less than 4 lenses in tow.)

The non-facetious answer is that I generally don't really care all that much what I tell people if that question comes up. It might be some weak, sub-primary reasoning one day, or even complete gobblygook when I'm having a bad day or distracted with other things at hand. It doesn't matter to me and I don't care if I seem justified or not.

And it's not because I'm so absolutely self-assured by nature. It's simply that I am often (2-4 times a month?) out with photography expeditions (usually urbex)/meets, which of course are dominated by dSLR users. There might be some curiosity at my setup from the dSLR users, but rarely "why aren't you using so-and-so" because I'm sure they get some version of the same for the Canon/Nikon rivalry.

But when the time comes to share our take, there are never any questions.

Quite simply, the NEX MILC system does not significantly constrain the way I shoot, and my results are equal to (if not better than) what my peers are getting out of their dSLRs. Quite a few in the course of meeting me for the first time have voiced shock at the fact that I'm getting the results I'm getting (which they have seen earlier in other threads) from such a relatively tiny camera.  In the last group explore thread, I was referred to as "DtEW and his damn mirrorless".

So that's why I don't care. Because the results speak for themselves.

Those are merely my experiences and with my specific shooting groups and whatever their level of expertise in the subject matter and environments we shoot in. Your results may vary.

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