Adapter for Nikon rangefinder internal mount lenses?

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Re: Adapter for Nikon rangefinder internal mount lenses?

I use a Contax>Leica adapter (bought in Japan decades ago) with a Leica>M4/3 adapter for Contax and Nikon internal-mount lenses. I haven't searched for any Contax/Nikon>M4/3-direct adapters, I'd imagine somebody might make them, but any adapter requiring a built-in helicoid and reasonably accurate machining would never be inexpensive.

Although I know Contax and Nikon focusing helicoids are subtly different, I don't think it matters focusing in Live View on M4/3. I've used Nikon lenses with my Contax adapter with no problems. Might not be accurate on a rangefinder, but doesn't seem to matter on M4/3.

So if you can find a Contax adapter cheaper than a Nikon adapter, should work OK.

Both Contax/Nikon external-mount adapters are available for M4/3, no onboard focusing mech necessary, and so available pretty cheaply.

Lance W wrote:

Well, I did eventually get feedback from Amedeo, who said he is too swamped with other types of adapters to make the one I want. But he did suggest something. I thought I'd share for others who may have this question in the future. Not ideal ($$), but I guess it should work. He suggested that I buy one of the Nikon-to-Leica M adapters, and one of the Leica M-to-Micro 4/3 adapters, and use them together.

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