Sony Nex-5N, 5-R, 6, or RX100?

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Re: Sony Nex-5N, 5-R, 6, or RX100?

POS Photo wrote:

Hey guys, thanks for the responses. I had forgotten I made this post up until now.

I found that I can get the 5-R with the new 16-50mm for $800 at B&H Photo. And it will come with a free 16mm lens. So I plan on buying the fisheye lens to go with that for $150 (previously a $400 investment).

Is this a pretty good deal?

- Nex 5-R Camera

- 16-50mm zoom lens

- 16 mm lens

- Fisheye lens converter (fits 16mm lens)

For $950?

If they had the Nex-5N in place of the 5-R for like $100+ less and had the same bundle, I think I'd do that with what you guys have been saying.

But the lack of bundles offered with the 5-N are making it a hard purchase.

I'll consider the question answered in a few days. But, I thought I'd give you guys some time to possibly comment on my thinking now. Or to share any other bundles you know of that are currently available.

I think the 16mm pancake is a bit redundant with the 16-50mm power zoom there. You mentioned the 55-210mm zoom lens (generally considered a nice lens for the money), I would think this would add more everyday versatility to your setup than the 16mm and fisheye attachment. If it was me, I would see if I could get the 5R with 18-55mm lens for $700, the 16mm thrown in for free, and put that extra $100 towards the 55-210mm. You're spending $1050 vs $950 but I think you come out of it with a much more versatile setup.

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