OM-D E-M5 a huge disappointment for me...

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Re: OM-D E-M5 a huge disappointment for me...

Model Mike wrote:

Anders W wrote:

As you might be aware, the E-M5 is not the only MFT body affected by shutter shock. The issue is hardly unknown when it comes to DSLRs either. Here is a very serious investigation (the most thorough I have seen) of shutter shock on the Pentax K-7...

Even before the K-7, the K-x had a similar issue with ghosting between 1/60 - 1/125 sec with shorter lenses. I went through three bodies before getting one which worked tolerably well - there seemed to be an element of sample variation.

Interesting that you found the bodies to behave slightly differently. Copy-to-copy variation is one thing I am curious about in view of the many conflicting reports about the seriousness of the issue that we can see. Unfortunately, such variation makes the problem considerably more difficult to pin down than might otherwise be the case.

The issue was well documented - and thoroughly irritating. My K-5 II is fine though.

No doubt somebody has already pointed this out (I haven't read all the responses in this thread), but one of the very early Oly MFT bodies also suffered from a similar issue. One would think that without a mirror flapping around the designer's job would have been easier, but clearly this is not the case.

Well, unfortunately we have an analogy to the mirror-flap, which is known to be at least part of the problem. On an SLR, the mirror has to flap before the shutter can open. On an MFT camera, the shutter has to close (to end live view and prepare for exposure) before it can open. Both cause a shock that might have a negative impact on the exposure.

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