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Mads Bjerke wrote:

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

Found this.

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Thanks, I came across that too. The more images I process with PN the more I am convinced about its qualities.

My only issue is what to do about the workflow.
If I use Aperture as a catalog and edit all RAW files in PN, I end up with duplicate files (TIFF and RAW) and the catalog will nearly double in size.

I am also having the problem with Aperture displaying slightly soft images on screen, unless zoom is 100%. Anybody else seeing the same?



Is it really necessary to edit all of the photos in your catalogs?  If your work is anything like mine, only a small portion deserve any further attention.  Of those that do, most of those can stay in the raw format, and a smaller number deserve local adjustments and fine tuning in Photoshop.  But if you really want all of the PN edited images back in Aperture, you can render (process) them out of Photo Ninja either as JPGs (small files) or TIFFs (larger files) and then re-import them into Aperture.

Also, remember that the catalogs themselves take up almost no space.  It is the underlying image files that do, but with the cost of storage being so low, I don't see this as a major issue.


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