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Not exactly the same... no focus trap.

Robin Casady wrote:

Paul Spatafora wrote:

I've been reading all the focusing threads since I got my D800 and I have concluded that the AFS, focus priorty is inconsistent at all distances and I'm quite sure of it. In pursuit of a better focusing technique, I've been practicing with the OF-On, AFC, Release method, and have come to like the ability of focusing with the AF-ON button and firing the camera with the shutter, however, I'm really a focus priority guy.

I would like to confirm that I can set the camera in AFC, AF-ON button and have it on focus priority. I'm not sure if the D800 can work like this. All the reading I've done say it can't be setup like this. Can someone please let me know if I can use focus priority with AFC and AF-ON.

This seems to be a bug with the D800. You can set it to Focus Priority, but it will still act as thought it is in Release priority. The only thing you can do is complain to Nikon and hope that they can and will change it with a firmware update. If enough people complain...

Also, has anyone here used the AF-ON button in AFS mode to circumvent the shutter button functions.

The reason we use AF-C is because it gives you the best of both. Press and release the AF-ON button and you get AF-S functionality. Press and hold the AF-ON button and you get AF-C functionality. No need to switch back and forth between AF-C and AF-S.


One thing is missing. Nikon seems to have changed the way AF single-servo works. It used to be that in AF S, if you pressed the shutter, the camera would not fire until it detected focus lock. You could use this to pre-set your focus distance, press and hold the shutter, and when your subject is sharply focused at your selected AF spot, the camera would take a picture.

This is commonly called "focus trap."

My old D1X and my D200 will do this. My new D600 will not, and I understand that neither will the D800.

With these newer bodies, if you have your lens in manual focus mode, or have moved focus to a different button, then in AF single-servo the camera snaps a picture immediately when you press the shutter (unless AF is active.) If AF is active, it will adjust focus first, then fire, but there's no way to make the camera passively wait for a focus lock like you could on older bodies. Not sure about recent Nikon bodies. It sounds like Nikon changed this behavior deliberately.

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