question about lens LX5 vs LX7

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Re: question about lens LX5 vs LX7

Pikme wrote:

Thanks for all that information!

I'm not a real pixel peeper. I figured out early on that the LX5 was a tiny bit less sharp than the LX3, but the amount was not noticeable except at 100% view and all the improvements were so much more important to me. IMO, the LX5 is a much better camera than the LX3, and I wouldn't upgrade to the LX7 unless it is a better camera than the LX5. The Optyczne reviews seem to indicate a very noticeable loss of sharpness, so that concerns me a bit. Your points are something else to think about, too.

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Roberto M.

Any perceived loss of sharpness you may be seeing is inconsequential in actual use .

And please , don`t tell us you aren`t a pixel peeper but early on you figured out the LX5 wasn`t as sharp as the LX3 because the only way you could come to any conclusion whatsoever is if you did in fact pixel peep.

I can assure you the LX7 is fully capable of producing sharp images and is a significant improvement in almost all other aspects from earlier models.

Have you viewed the images in is thread?

Take my advice. Quit pixel peeping and don`t rely on , or make a judgement on the one negative review you could find .

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