my love-hate relationship with the RX1

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Re: my love-hate relationship with the RX1

you're in the same boat as many other people. basically you'd buy it if it were cheaper. no issue there. problem is, i doubt sony cares. i paid full price for the camera and evf and i actually think in the world of cameras i know of that promised iq above all along with great portability (leica m9 and x1), i am getting my money's worth. i agree re af, but it's still better than shooting manual (for me) as i have for quite awhile now.

as others have said, the rx1 is a niche product. if it's not your niche, then you are not sony's intended customer. no harm, no foul. i'm sure the x100s will bring a lot of joy to a lot of people and we will see some amazing photographs by those who know how to use it. but i've stopped looking for a go-to camera. i have one.

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