Does the kit 18-55 lens really suck? A rough-and-ready investigation.

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Re: Does the kit 18-55 lens really suck? A rough-and-ready investigation.

It's news tome that it was not so well considered.; a few years ago they were saying it was a fairly good kit lens compared to what Canon gave you in equivalence.

There are different versions of it and I have seen quite differing performance, and quality control.

I had one and got lots of good shots with it. I sold it with my k20 to make a complete package and I got the Sigma 17-70, which is good in its way, but it IS much heavier and bulkier. The 18-55 WR is pretty practical for certain situations and if you work within what it can do, it does plenty.

I think the real question is what is one comparing it to? Other similar standard zooms or , say, the 77mm LTD?

I would point out the 55-300mm is a pretty good lens (I still have it) and for the money I would be pressed to find better, even for a lot more money. You've got to really shell out to beat it's IQ, and then usually you have something pretty heavy to lug around. So it still has it's strengths.

For rainy weather I think it's where you get into 'no brainer' territory with a decent weather sealed zoom that's inexpensive.

Now that I think about it I might just pick another one up... (LBA never sleeps)


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