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Re: Another comparison, Oly cheating?

mapgraphs wrote: .... In [Guy's] C, I would wonder if FastStone Viewer is injecting barrel distortion based on incorrect or incorrectly applied profile data. (A & B may be swapped by mistake).

No, my FastStone Viewer 'C' image exactly matches the uncorrected by default that Picasa also delivers. The Oly Viewer 2 "uncorrected" image seems to be a total cheat. I will try some more uncorrected RAW converters to see what the consensus is.

In fact the view on the E-P3 screen when on tripod had only a thin sliver of light to the left of the reference post on the left, the default OV2 RAW conversion definitely matched in appearance the live view but was a little bit wider and showed more light left of the post. A & B definitely correct as I took care to rename the images with corrected/uncorrected details as I produced them.

All the zooms that I tried that have 14mm at the wide end (Oly Mk1 and Mk2 14-42mm, Pana 14-45mm, Oly 14-150mm) and also the 9mm end of the 9-18mm have rather massive barrel distortion when viewed with a truly non-correcting converter, Oly Viewer 2 sneakily hides the distortion even with its so-called no correction mode.

Some food for thought perhaps. Or not. Interesting however. I only shoot Oly jpg so don’t have any experience with these issues (and haven’t run into them personally).

I usually now always shoot RAW+jpeg and store the RAWs just in case and merrily use the jpegs as it makes life easy for me and for my wife who is the in-house cataloguer of all images.

The RAW conversion side of things is a totally argumentative minefield for folks in this forum. I tend to use Silkypix Pro V5 as it delivers nice results easily and is easy to access those edge pixels to get a tiny bit wider view when needed. Also now use Corel AfterShot Pro (was Bibble) bought cheap on black Friday sale and that too is a capable converter.  I use Oly Viewer 2 with RAWs just to discover what jpeg settings I should use on the camera.

Regards...... Guy

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