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Mark H
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Overlooking the point...

Trevor G wrote:

.... c) To capture the full, natural colour and tonal details of the image you MUST shoot in RAW; JPEG compresses the upper 2/3 of the extra image highlight detail.

You make this 'compression' sound like a bad thing - it's not.

It is done that way for a perfectly good reason - the extra range is compressed (more accurately - just 'curved') because the aim here is not to significantly alter the appearance of the main mid-tones when compared to a standard DR100% exposure.

Incidentally - if anyone wants to change the way that the camera reproduces image highlights (or shadows), perhaps they should first try the camera's 'HIGHLIGHT TONE' and 'SHADOW TONE' adjustment settings (see page 85 of the manual).

A good JPEG highlight recovery tool such as used in Adobe products can help you get much of that detail back, depending on how much there is, but at the full 2EV limits you will get a lot of compression in the JPEGs which might not accurately restore, and will need a lot of work to get reasonably close to the unmolested detail you will get from RAW.Using RAW the extra highlight detail will emerge without compression - it's simply a case of reducing the primary exposure control in good software such as the Raw File Converter EX (Silkypix) bundled with EXR cameras.

Most people simply neither want to, nor need to.

To some extent you are completely overlooking a key point here - that the extended DR% capability has not taken anything away, it is actually adding something.

More to follow...


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