Underwater housing - anyone used one?

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Re: Underwater housing - anyone used one?

Before the three I mentioned in my prior post, I have had two Nikon point & shoots (took both below 10', cracked the cases and fried them both (I'm a slow learner). I also had two Canon P&S's (not that impressive). I had a Sea & Sea with a single srobe attached (not sufficient light). And, I have had two Nikonos IV's (as I said-slow leaner). The Canon G9 required only 1 weight plate to be neutral bouant. It took fantastic pictures (see the post, with G9 pics, above mine). But it was my wife's camera; and she kept insisting I was going to flood it like I did the two Nikon P&S's (oh, she of little faith). So, I started with a used SD550 Elph and a Canon case that was good to 130' (I figured my wife just "might" have a point). The 7 MP camera took such steller images that I bought the 95s and a Canon underwater case. I want to get the 100s and case; but my wife keeps mentioning the divorce word. One thing I learned from using all this stuff is that "light" is always the issue. If you are planning to go below 10', you probably need a double strobe set up. But, above 10', the auto ISO feature of the canon will allow you to take unlite images most of the time. Sometimes, I find even the small flash on the 95s will wash out an image if I am too close.

Here are three that I took with the SD550 Elph.

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