Ineed your advice... Pentax Q?

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Re: Ineed your advice... Pentax Q?

For someone coming from DSLR's the Fuji X100 wont take long before you find the fixed focal length very limiting. Thats not to say it doesn't have outstanding color and IQ, it does, but you will soon find yourself frustrated by the short lens, okay for close uo and portrait work or landscape , but not too flexible other wise. With the Q you have a really tiny camera and if like me you have big hands, that's going to frustrate you as well.

I come from a 35mmSLR background and always liked the flexibility of various lenses, but hated the weight.

I shoot anything and everything and wanted something that was flexible enough to do so.

If price is a concern and I'm sure it is, the economic meltdown put me out of business as well, then there are some alternatives. The one I settled on after looking at the Q and the Kr was the Fuji HS20. slightly larger sensor than the Q, longer zoom when needed, good wide angle, outstanding Dr control, good NR when set to low, great macro.

AF isn't as fast as the Q so fast moving targets do need some thought before hand, but are by no means impossible. As an all round and slightly frustrating camera that generally makes me smile, its a winner. For better AF and EVF I would go for the HS30 which is near identical (same lens/sensor). You should be able to find either of these going for less than a Q as well, so it would make sense to try one.

This is about a 50% crop of the original, just to give you a sample. If you want more information click my blog link in my signature or akiwiretrospective

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