Slightly OT raw converter discussion

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Re: Slightly OT raw converter discussion

rogerstpierre wrote:

jonska wrote: I like SilkyPix too, especially for the colour rendering of Pentax raw shots. It is just too limited in other respects.

Which aspect of Silkypix do you find deficient ? Are you talking about Silkypix DS Pro 5 of the free v 3 ?

Just to jump in here,  I used to use Silkypix DS Pro all the time with my K100D as it gave perfect colours unlike ACR 6 (and earlier versions) and I found its controls logical after a long learning curve, but now with my K-30 I find there's much less difference in colours between ACR and Silkypix but ACR7.3 is far superior in recovering highlights.  I would still rate colours as slightly better in Silkypix though with the K-30.  I find Silkypix better than ACR for noise reduction as well, so which converter I use does tend to depend on what IQ issues there are to fix.

I did try Capture One a couple of years ago with the K100D and that seemed promising at the time.

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