Photo Ninja vs Aperture

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Re: Photo Ninja vs Aperture

Sgt_Strider wrote:

I'm not sure if comparing the default rendering between ACR and PN will really determine which is the best RAW processor. Even after editing with both software, will one really notice the difference between PN and ACR? I'm also concerned about how much resources PN is spending to get more camera support. Adobe have a lot of resources at its disposal so most cameras will be added to its database. I'm not sure PN will do that. Until I get more specifics from PN with respect to its policy of camera support, I'm not sure I can ever move away from Adobe

As I said ( the main point of my post) there are observable differences between PN and my other converters with regard to demosaicing.  Will it replace LR for day to day processing? - no as LR still has by far the best workflow. Will I use it for instances where I want the very best out of an image for say a big print  - Oh yes.

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