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Re: Thanks for the reminder to go take a look there.

RoelHendrickx wrote:

amalric wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

It had been a while

I enjoy discussing photography, instead of cameras, for once, Roel.

However I didn't plan to discuss tastes, or even History of Art. So to me ducking's or CharlesTokyo, are boht legitimate.

It's the segmentation which surprised me:

Contrast / Gesture / Implication

Does it work for you? Can you teach it?

I don't often rationalize it like that.

What I most often just aim for (and I feel that is already a lot) is to show something that is meaningful or at least interesting (content aspect), and to show it in a way that is either pleasing to the eye or different from how we would look at that ordinarily (form aspect).

Good images are those where both aspects are present.

Yes. but possibly you are so used to your ways that you don't rationalise them. Think instead of teaching a son or a daughter.

What comes first? Contrast covers that: it's tone control BTW of composition. Gesture covers content. Behaviour must have a symbolical element, even if unexpected. Or better so.

Implication leaves me wondering. Reichmann makes the example of a deep staircase.

So it might be in the way of perspective, and composition in depth. You feel drawn in.

Then, as a painter you'd eye how the picture looks in terms of colours, perhaps as emotional, or deeper involvement.

I don't say that one checks all the boxes before pressing the shutter button. However, when trained, one might decide whether it is worth doing it so or not, in an instant.

This assuming that machinegunning is a no-no.

HCB explained that for him it was a matter of geometry, and appearance/disappearance of the subject.


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