Used prices of current vs older D600 vs D700

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Re: Used prices of current vs older D600 vs D700

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It is a testament to the D700 that KEH has a used D600 for about 1,739 for LN- which is just a bit more than 1,599 for an EX D700?

Only 140 dollars different, for a much newer sensor in an apparent almost new body, compared to the D700.

You are comparing a Porsche to a VW.

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ROFL not exactly

There are some things where the VW here does everything superior than Porsche

And where the Porsche only does three things better; build, FPS, buttons/ergo.

My experience is the d600 focus is pretty good for 99% of things I would use, ergo/button nor build was worth it to me, FPS wasn't required as I have a D4, but in the end I sold the D600 as I was not willing to keep a Nikon product with the issues it had. Yes I can clean the sensor, but no I'm not willing to accept a product that has a flaw that requires me.

BTW my D4 has been very dissapointing compared to my D3s.. not there to going white but getting pretty close....

AF speed/accuracy is not as good on the D600 as D700; I've used the same lenses on both.

If you really need Megapixels(most people don't) then go for the D600.  If you're going to do real shooting in challenging conditions/scenarios then the D700 will cover everything you need.

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