Upgrading from an SD950IS

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Re: Upgrading from an SD950IS

Zindanfel wrote:

Thanks for your reply! I stumbled on to the Canon SX260 last night. That looks pretty nice too. Is there a reason it didn't make your list? I'll check out the ones you mentioned as well.

It didn't occur to me that you might be interested in a long-zoom model; I was thinking more along the lines of something sort of SD950-like. I notice that the SX260 was reviewed here on dpr:


and also the SX230 (along with some other travel zooms):


Cameralabs has reviewed similar models as well.

Almost missed this post! Yep, I want a better zoom, it would be great if it was in a small package but I'm starting to believe that isn't going to happen quite the way I hope! "Travel zoom" - yet another category!

I've tried to search similar threads and it seems like the concencous (sp) is to keep a compact and upgrade to an SX40/50. That is certainly an option but if I'd like to explore if I'll be happy with a smaller camera with maybe a lesser zoom.

Yes, it's important to consider your shooting patterns to get a good fit for your needs. I'm not a birder, and just don't have experience with the very long zooms.

Wildlife in general..... I had times this past fall where I'd stumble on some stunning foliage off in the distance and just couldn't get any closer. Sometimes I get tired of cropping out foregrounds!

My trip isn't until the end of July, if I am lucky something else will pop up in the next couple of months.

That's one thing we can always count on -- frequent new models of digi-cams.

No different than computers! I do wish things didn't always move so fast.

You're welcome. I look forward to seeing some of your trip pix posted in the forum.

Let's see how brave I am

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