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For 'best results' use 'the right/the optimum' DR%...

Trevor G wrote:

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oh maybe il have to try this on a nice sunny day, anyways thank you

Fuji's implementation of 'dynamic range' extension only adds to the highlight range of an image, and the extra range captured is also tonally compressed (less contrast) than the main image tones.

Only on JPEGs.../...The RAW files retain full, complete and totally uncompressed details.

Your evangelism re RAW and clipping/crushing etc is becoming rather tedious.

The OP was not asking about RAW - the OP was asking why he saw little difference using +DR - and nothing to do with using RAW/JPEG.

Essentially it reduced the amount of clipped/saturated highlights that might occur in images with high brightness/saturated colour content - it's most often useful in capturing better colour/contrast in skies and clouds.

Using DR400 is perfect for preventing cyan skies, which are always a sign of over-exposure (except when the sky actually is close to a cyan shade, which occurs sometimes at some angles) and for keeping all the grey to white details in clouds.

Any scenes or subjects that don't have such wide contrast/colour saturations, won't benefit.

The good thing about EXR sensors is that there is absolutely no trade-off when using M size images, DR400 (or DR 200 if you like) and ISO less than DR. The camera can safely be left with DR400 switched on all the time and safely shot at 0EV exposure compensation when using RAW.

Of course there is a 'trade-off' - the trade-off is only using 1/2 of the sensor's 12MP, with an associated reduced resolution, increased noise size w.r.t. image resolution (less averaging), and increased susceptibility to certain artifacts due to having 50% less 'fill factor' (aliasing from under-sampling).

The 'best' results are obtained by using the most appropriate DR settings for the scene/subject/lighting at hand.

Using ''M' size DR400% all the time is just a 'lazy fail-safe'.

There is also absolutely no difference in the RAW output IQ from one type of exposure to the next,...

Again - this thread was not about RAW.

If the OP is not even seeing much benefit from his use of +DR%, he is hardly likely to be interested in using RAW.

...except that DR400 gives 2EV of extra highlights (it clips at +2.3EV), DR200 gives 1EV (it clips at +1.3EV), while DR100 is good for at least +0.3EV (it clips at +0.7EV).

DR100% RAW clips at only +0.2EV above the standard JPEG (not '+0.7') - as I measured, and told you here .

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