Fujifilm warranty is absolutely horrible!

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Re: Fujifilm UK warranty is absolutely awesome!

Sorry, but there's no grey area.

Accidental damage to a Fuji camera nullifies their warranty. Their warranty text is online for all to see. That means if the camera's LCD is damaged by accident they can refuse to fix what would otherwise be a warranted repair to the lens, for example.

Sad but true...

If Fujifilm really attempts to interrupt the text as what you just wrote - "scratched the LCD? That's damage - you no longer have a warranty and we can't fix the lens!" then most would agree that it's a horrible warranty.

I always thought that the text meant - if you scratch the LCD, we won't cover that under warranty, which would be fair. To say that they won't fix the lens is unfair.

I just called Fujifilm's repair center again, and explained that I do not believe this should be considered impact damage as it's cosmetic in nature and most likely caused by compression against the VF cover in a camera bag. The woman I spoke to stated that it doesn't have to be impact, any damage is warranty voiding, citing specifically, "water, abrasive, impact" etc. I asked her, "if I scratch the LCD, you would void the warranty even if there is a problem with the lens mount?" She answers, "well, if it's a minor scratch from sand, no, but if it's a major scratch, then that would void the warranty." There you have it - straight from the horse's mouth - any "major" physical damage - including a "major" scratch to the LCD, is warranty voiding and manufacture defect will no longer be covered.

After I explained that I will be happy to create a web site dedicated to explaining to the photography community just how bad the Fujifilm warranty is, she put me on hold, spoke to her manager, and the manager wants me to ship the camera back to them at MY expense so he can look at it, with no guarantee that they will actually fix it. I asked if photographs shall suffice, as it's kind of expensive to ship a camera - about $40 insured. She replied that they already have photographs of the camera, but the manager needs to see it. I asked if they would pay for shipping back to Edison, NJ. No, she replied, they will not cover the shipping. Ugh!

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