Where is the 1080p 120fps?

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Where is the 1080p 120fps?

Francis Carver wrote:

jbwong wrote:

okay, for consumer camera there are gopro3, LX7 and FZ200 which can record 720p 120fps app. 110megapixels/s

He-he-he, you must be joking with that 110Mb/sec bitrate, right? Maybe 20Mbit. sec, right?

He's been talking about the internal processing speed of the camera.   When you record 720p the camera has to read about 110 megapixels per second from the sensor.  Of course that's heavily compressed down to the much slower data rate that's written to the SD card, but the camera's internal buses and processors have to deal with that much raw information.

But those processing chips are one of the most expensive parts of the camera, and I can't see companies spending money on processors that are that much faster than the bulk of the users need.   The relatively few slo-mo afficiandos that would be lured in by a 240fps camera almost certainly wouldn't justify them, especially when the resulting higher cost of the camera would drive away the bulk of the market who really doesn't care about it.

As I said before, the cameras that shoot 720p120 just happen to be the ones that shoot 1080p60, which has about the same raw data rate coming off the sensor.  So I think higher-end formats like 4K video are going to have to get popular enough to drive technology before we'll see HD frame rates go higher in a typical compact camera.   And I don't think that's going to happen for at least 3-5 years.

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