What's more important; wide angle lenses or telephoto lenses?

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Re: What's more important; wide angle lenses or telephoto lenses?

the 50mm lens (from full frame film days), generally showed the same thing my brain remembered seeing, (not what I was focusing on, which is telephoto), nor what my peripheral vision could notice movement in (which was wide angle).

If you sit in the middle of a movie theater, you will notice the screen shows the same angle of view as the normal (old 50mm) lens. It is the angle of view that your attention can easily cover.

When I walk, and listen to music, I notice that my brain doesn't process the extra visual information at the edges of my vision, (I see more wide angled when my mind isn't listening to music or talking). When I'm in a fighting mood (rare), I've noticed that I develop tunnel vision, and I concentrate on the object I'm fighting with (ignoring most things to the side, similar to telephoto lens).

But most of the time, when recall what I saw (when I didn't move my head and eyes around a lot), the 50mm normal lens from FF film days captured the image. However, since my eyes usually do move around, the wider angle lens ends up capturing my memories the best.

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