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Re: V1 comparison to a high end DSLR...

camerosity wrote: a mistake. Nikon designed a camera meant to be a high end point and shoot with interchangeable lenses. They did not want to cannibalize sales from their DSLRs.

I compare the quality from my V1 to my former P7000, not to my current D700. And in that I am extremely satisfied with the V1. It has better metering, better white balance, better tonality, better AF speed, better shutter release, better handling, better viewfinder, etc, than my former P7000. I also like the ability to mount my full size Nikkors.

And I have a Fujifilm X100 for those times when I want to shoot with a small high quality fixed lens camera. Having an optical viewfinder is a must and also having an EVF is a real bonus for times when I need very accurate framing and a virtual horizon.

That is the only feature I really wish the V1 had, is a virtual horizon. Other than that it ticks all the boxes for me.

And $299 for the kit with the 10-30 zoom was too good a deal to pass up. Since then I've purchased the 30-110mm (refurbished for $135), the 18.5mm 1.8, the FT-1 F mount adapter, and the leather Nikon case for the V1 (as well as filters and lens shades).

I'm planning to pick up the new wide zoom when it comes available, as well as the new 10-100mm for video shooting (I've no interest in the huge motorized 10-100mm). The 32mm 1.2 portrait lens looks interesting but I don't have a need for a fixed lens of that focal length. A 12.9mm f1.8 fixed lens would be great though. I don't have the 10mm f2.8 yet but am still considering it.

The V2 doesn't appeal to me, but will wait for the V3. I am hoping Nikon will go back to the compact body style as the V2 looks incredibly ugly to me.

The V2 is more compact compared to the V1.

That said, I prefer the styling of the V1 and the controls of the V2.

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