how to respond when asked "why don't you get a DSLR?"

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Re: how to respond when asked "why don't you get a DSLR?"

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Just thought of a simpler answer.

Just say that the DSLR is like a Nikon F and the NEX is like a Leica M. That doesn't do justice to the versatility of the NEX but most people with even a vague knowledge of cameras will understand.

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I think you are a little optimistic about what sort of camera knowledge people have.

As for many others, dslrs - at least the nice ones - still have many advantages over mirrorless camera. Mirrorless cameras' main advantage over them is size, which is not an insubstantial advantage. In the end, this is a complex question and one I wouldn't get into unless you had a real desire and willingness to discuss with the person.

I think when people ask me the question it isn't about a comparison btwn DSLRs and mirrorless camera. While mirrorless cameras is a fast growing field, the vast majority out there probably has no idea what it is. So whether someone not into photography or a DSLR user, they may not know about mirrorless cameras at all and may think of NEX as just some P&S compact camera.

You know, initially with the original 5 with some manual lens, people would go "WTH?"

I was at a graduation event, and noticed four Nex shooters side by side - I was the only one not using the kit lens.

I was at a competition event, and noticed only DSLRs users, and two professionals using FF (5dII). I think that they thought that I was just a parent using a P&S. (No Leica thinking here )

Out with DSLR shooters, I noticed that I ended up with many more pictures - the Nex is easier to get in and out of the bag, you can hold it in your hand longer, and I was trying out different lenses. Ended up with 3x the number of pictures as some of the DSLR shooters.

Last fall, on a sunny afternoon in San Francisco, I had quite a few people walk over and ask: "Is that one of those new small cameras?" Some even asked: "Is that the new Sony?"

Last thought: most people upgrade their cameras maybe only once in five years or longer. These mirrorless cameras are still very new to many. At the office, where they have a photo club, I am the only Nex shooter, all others are DSLRs.

What do I like best about the Nex? That I don't look like a pro

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